You can find the information about our Tiny houses and Campers elsewhere on this site, here you will find our other rental services.

hef verhuurHydraulic lift / shop service

We have a 2 and 4 column hydraulic lift which we use for maintenance of camper/caravans and oldtimers. If you would like to perform your own maintenance you can use our heated facilities.
Depending the kind of job we can make arrangements. We can also facilitate maintenance days for your vehicle-club.


We have several types of trailers, including open and closed trailers, a boattrailer and a horsetrailer. We have accompanying 4×4 car’s to transport your goods, materials and animals. You can even rent a driver for your transport job.

aanhanger_grootaanhanger_klein verhuur

Machine rental including machinist

For our farm and camping we own an reliable machinepark to grow crops and perform terrain maintenance. With these machines and equipment we can get your job done. You can rent us with our machinery per hour.

Our park also includes the following excavation and farming machinery:

Ini-mini graafmachine Caterpillar 300.9D 935 kg. cat verhuur
Ini-mini shovel Knikmops 80 820 kg. knik-150x150 verhuur
Dumptrailer Ultra-Lite 2200 kg. no-pic
Dumptruck Miedema 8500 kg. no-pic
Tractor Cormick D430 30 pk.  no-pic
Tractor Deutz Intrac 2004 68 pk. no-pic
Tractor MB-Trac 800 80 pk. no-pic
Veldspuit Unigreen Expo 601 HT 12 m. no-pic
Grond/weidesleep v.d. Broek 5 m. no-pic
Kunstmest/zoutstrooier PZ Vibrax 600 600 L.  no-pic
Snowplow (hydro) Qmac 3,20 m. no-pic
Cyclomaaier PZ Zweegers CM 135 1,35 m. no-pic
Cirkelmower Perfect TKF-230 2,30 m. no-pic
Hooischudder PZ Zweegers Strela 3,00 m.  no-pic
Hooihark PZ Zweegers CZ 330 3,30 m. no-pic
Grasveger / Verticuteren Imants Rotosweep 170 1,70 m. no-pic
Irrigation system buizensysteem no-pic

Contact us and we can provide you with the neccesary equipment to get the job done.